Integrated Technology

Technology is increasingly integrated into our classrooms, projects and activities to enhance both teaching and learning. Where it was once a separate subject, it is now becoming part of how our students learn every subject.

Our teachers design projects and activities that require students to employ technology to research, evaluate, create and present information. Our students learn to use applications and technologies by using them to explore other subjects. In this way, learning becomes less about the technology itself and more about its role in the learning process.

Students learn to implement five major technologies: Cloud Technology, Tablet and Mobile Technology, Social Technology and Desktop Technology (Windows and Mac).

Tablet Program

In Grade 4, each student is provided with a tablet, which is integrated into their day-to-day learning to explore and delve deeper into classroom topics.

This versatile tool has completely changed the classroom dynamic. Teachers become facilitators who engage students in the learning process by asking questions and helping students to understand and make sense of what they discover. Students are empowered to use their own skills and resourcefulness to investigate on their own and seek answers to questions even their teachers may not have an answer for.

They come to school eager to share new Apps they have discovered over the weekend and the class often explores these tools as a group. Teachers collaborate, experiment, and reflect with their students to help them develop the confidence to implement technologies to enhance their learning and find the information they need when they need it.

As a result, students become more self-reliant and self-directed in their learning. This technology is helping us to teach students how to learn, and equip them with the skills to become life-long learners who are prepared to keep adapting after they graduate.

“The iPad has provided our daughter with a new found freedom to seek out answers to her own questions and curiosity.”

“She is organically moving through the technology, which I feel is a valuable and enjoyable way to learn. Because she has been given the ability to do this, I think her learning has surpassed my own!”

“The iPads provide the girls with the opportunity to explore and develop problem-solving strategies for learning.”

Technologies at St. Margaret’s School

SMS has a modern computer network that includes approximately 120 computers and four enterprise servers.  The school and residences provide high-speed wireless access for all users. There are two, mixed operating system (Windows and Mac technology) teaching labs, a language development lab, a mobile laptop cart, and a Multimedia lab for Media Arts courses.

Other technologies used by the school include:

  • Cloud Systems (Google Apps for Students)
  • Leading Edge Learning Management System (Moodle)
  • BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) Network
  • Tablet technology and support
  • SmartBoard technology (15 SmartBoards)
  • Digital classroom projectors