Global Learning

Cross-Cultural Skills

Our student population includes girls who join us from all over the world and their cultures and experiences enrich our learning environment.

Post-secondary studies and careers are becoming increasingly global. The international experience students have at SMS prepares them for real life, where they will need to work successfully with individuals who come from diverse backgrounds, speak other languages and approach their work in different ways.

Our students gain a global perspective both in the classroom and through a variety of experiences and activities designed to explore and celebrate other cultures. They learn to be flexible and to adapt to different styles of working; they develop tolerance for differences and friendships that span the globe; and they display a willingness to consider new perspectives and a degree of self-awareness that will be invaluable when they travel, study or work internationally.

Cross-Cultural Experiences

SMS students also have opportunities to explore other countries and learn about their cultures and people first-hand.

Intercultural exchanges are organized with a number of schools worldwide whose language of instruction is studied at SMS. Our students spend three weeks in the fall completely immersed in another culture and language. They live and attend school with a student from another part of the world and then host that student at our school in the spring.

Students can join a two week European adventure in the spring to immerse themselves in the European cultures and experience many historical cities they have learned about in history and social studies. They spend two weeks exploring bustling cities, centuries of European history, diverse collections of art and exquisite cuisine, and create life long memories with new friends.

Students also have the opportunity to volunteer abroad on a school service trip. They travel to a developing country, very different from our own, to participate in a community service project. The students visit local schools and experience the cultural and social values of another culture through peer to peer interaction. They take part in community service projects that directly improve the lives of the people in the regions they visit. Issues that seemed remote become people with faces, names, and needs. It is a humbling and inspiring experience for our students, who return motivated to participate in solving global challenges and with a broader understanding of the world in which we live.

Of course, for many of our boarding students, their everyday experience at SMS is already an experience abroad and we are only too happy to show them around our own backyard and some of BC’s most spectacular destinations. Learn more about residence trips…