Our Early Learning Philosophy

A child’s self image is the most important part of the learning process; children need to repeatedly perceive themselves as worthwhile, capable and significant. They best develop their natural talents and interests in a nurturing and emotionally supportive environment that is both encouraging and reinforcing.

Children thrive in a learning environment where their uniqueness and individual learning styles are respected and nurtured to their fullest. We strive to ensure the learning environment is relaxed, unhurried, responsive, and flexible; activities value each child’s learning style and our daily routine supports individual children’s needs for meals and rest. The program takes into account the interests, family background and needs of each child, using these as a springboard to pique their curiosity and explore their world.

Play-based activities provide meaningful opportunities for children to gain skills, construct knowledge and develop. Our educators use play to teach and explore, and curriculum activities are designed to follow the interests, strengths and natural curiosity of our students.