Program Details: JK and Kindergarten

Junior Kindergarten

  • 4-year-old girls (with limited space for 3-year-olds)
  • Full day program (8:00am-5:00pm | Drop-off between 8:00-8:25am, Pick-up between 3:00-5:30)
  • Ten or 12 month options

The Junior Kindergarten (JK) program prepares preschool-aged children to enter into the academic kindergarten environment. A balance of play and curriculum-based activities provide opportunities for children to develop skills in: literacy, numeracy, science, language, music, and fitness. Weekly learning units and themes incorporate activities that are flexible and follow children’s interests and natural curiosity.

Junior Kindergarten students are part of our OWL (Outside While Learning) Program and join the Kindergarten students in the exploration of our natural environment in dedicated sessions every week. Art is integrated throughout the program. Girls also benefit from specialist instruction in French, Mandarin and Physical Education, and weekly visits with the teacher-librarian in our school library.

Daily routine supports a child's need for nutrition and rest. Experienced educators provide a nurturing environment that piques the natural curiosity of preschool-aged girls, and offer experiences that enhance successful learning through play, exploration, and social interaction.


  • 5-year-olds (must turn five by December 31)
  • Full-day (8:25am-3:00pm)
  • Afterschool childcare available (7:45-8:30am / 3:00-5:30pm)
  • 10-month program (September to June)
  • Seasonal day camps available (Xmas, March Break, Summer)

The Kindergarten (K) program prepares children to enter into the academic elementary school environment.

  • Play- and inquiry-based curriculum
  • Dedicated OWL sessions every week, plus daily outdoor playtime
  • Specialist instruction in French, Physical Education, and Music multiple times per week
  • Social and learning skills fostered for success in Grade 1 and beyond
  • Building on the interests of the students, the K program establishes a strong foundation for learning through a play-based curriculum, and class-based learning enhanced by field trips.