Welcome Staff!

Welcome to the St. Margaret’s School Community. We encourage our staff to stay informed as to important school dates, services, and resources.

Upcoming Events

For current events, visit our main calendar. To look ahead, consult our Year-at-a-Glance.

Check out our School Handbook


Student Resources

  • The Student Handbook contains information on school life, culture, rules, and responsibilities, and is a valuable resource to be reviewed by all new families.
  • The Leave Request Policy outlines the process for notifying the school of extended absences from class.
  • The Course Selection Guide are used by senior students to select electives, and also contain information on BC Ministry graduation requirements and extracurricular activities.

Grade 9 Course Selection form
Grade 9 Bridge Course Selection form
Grade 10 Course Selection form
Grade 10 Transition Course Selection form
Grade 10 Bridge Course Selection form
Grade 11 Course Selection form
Grade 12 Course Selection form
ELL Transition 23 Course Selection form

Residence Resources

  • The Residence Handbook contains full information about the residence environment.
  • We ask that all students and parents be familiar with the weekend leave procedures.
  • All important residence specific dates and information can be found on the calendar and in our Year-at-aglance.

Other Resources

Academic Services
Health Services
Transportation Services
Residence Resources
School Store (Dudley’s Closet)
Scholarships & Awards
Financial Aid


To reach a specific person, please see the leadership team directory, or contact the School for assistance.


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