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Welcome to the St. Margaret’s School Community. We encourage our students’ parents to stay informed as to important school dates, services, and resources.

Upcoming Events

For current events, visit our main calendar. To look ahead, consult our Year-at-a-Glance for both the current year, and a Three Year Calendar (note: dates subject to change).

School Closure and Availability

This document shows the availability of After School Care during school closures for the year 2018 – 2019.

Leadership Team

To reach a specific person, please see the directory, or contact the School for assistance.

Check out our School Handbook

After School Care

St. Margaret’s School offers an After School Care Program for girls in Kindergarten to Grade 6 on school days from 3:00-5:30 pm. Day camps are also offered throughout the school year on Professional Development days, Parent- Teacher and Student-Led Interview days, throughout Winter Break and Spring Break, and at year-end. The SMS After School Care Program is designed to be flexible and meet the individual needs of each family – parents have the option to register for regular or drop-in care. The After School Care Program staff for each Program consists of a supervisor and an assistant, both with extensive experience working with children. You are welcome to drop by our Junior School Multi-Purpose room for a visit any school day after 3:00 pm.

Primary After School Care (K – Grade 3)

  • The Primary After School Care Program is a comfortable, creative and pleasant space, where everyone has the opportunity to develop valuable social and personal skills and, of course, have a whole lot of fun doing it!
  • Students are involved in a wide variety of both organized and self-directed craft activities and participate daily in outdoor games and activities on the playground. The girls are also encouraged to take responsibility in contributing to the development of the activities and to share their knowledge with the rest of the group. Someone always has a favourite project or game that they are excited about and eager to show the others.

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Intermediate After School Care (Grades 4 – 6)

  • The Intermediate After School Care Program helps students enhance their academic and social skills by extending classroom activities into after-school experiences.
  • After attendance is taken, the girls head out to the playground or the gym for a well-deserved break. Students then settle into their homework or have quiet time where they may choose to read, work on math drills / crossword puzzles etc. The Intermediate After School Care supervisor is there to provide help for any homework questions.
  • Once their homework is complete, students may choose to work on the computer, play board games, design crafts or perhaps enter into the world of imagination with fort building skills.


Registration is required if you plan to use the After School Care Program for either regular or drop-in care. Please complete a registration form for each child you would like to register for After School Care and return completed forms to the Junior School Office.
After School Care Registration Form

Parents’ Auxiliary

The purpose of the Parents’ Auxiliary is to promote the welfare of St. Margaret’s School both generally and financially through varied activities. We work to build a strong community within our school by connecting with parents.

  • The Auxiliary fundraises through craft and book fairs, lunches, dances, and a variety of other activities. The Parent Auxiliary forms committees to plan large events such as Galas or Fairs.
  • The Auxiliary has contributed to many fixtures around our campus including: a greenhouse, a bike shed, and playground equipment.
  • All parents JK- Grade 12 are invited to the monthly meeting; attending is a wonderful way to meet new families, share ideas for fun events, and support our school. Meetings are generally held on the first Wednesday of each month at 7:00pm.
  • Join the SMS Parents’ Auxiliary on Facebook
  • Join the Parent Centre on Learn @ SMS to access our Parent Forums, SMS Classifieds and more.

To learn more about the Parents’ Auxiliary contact:
Cheryl Major
Cheryl Major


Student Resources

  • The Student Handbook contains information on school life, culture, rules, and responsibilities, and is a valuable resource to be reviewed by all new families.
  • The Leave Request Policy outlines the process for notifying the school of extended absences from class.
  • The Course Selection Guide are used by senior students to select electives, and also contain information on BC Ministry graduation requirements and extracurricular activities.

Grade 9 Course Selection form
Grade 9 Bridge Course Selection form
Grade 10 Course Selection form
Grade 10 Transition Course Selection form
Grade 10 Bridge Course Selection form
Grade 11 Course Selection form
Grade 12 Course Selection form
ELL Transition 23 Course Selection form

Residence Resources

  • The Residence Handbook contains full information about the residence environment.
  • We ask that all students and parents be familiar with the weekend leave procedures.
  • All important residence specific dates and information can be found on the calendar and in our Year-at-aglance.

Parent Communications

  • The SMS Express is the School’s weekly newsletter and is emailed to parents every Friday.
  • The Calendar provides information about all upcoming events at SMS, including non-instructional days, athletic events, the daily menu, field trips and just about anything else you could possibly want to know. For a list of important dates (including school closures) for both the current year and for planning up to three years out, consult the Year-At-A-Glance page.
  • The news section features SMS news stories, including the Head of School’s Blog (the Head’s Tales).
  • Find SMS on Facebook or follow SMS on Twitter for timely updates.

Other Resources

School Store (Dudley’s Closet)
Summer Camp
Faculty & Staff
Academic Services
Health Services
Transportation Services
Residence Resources
Scholarships & Awards
Financial Aid

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