The boarding life at SMS was probably the best boarding experience in my entire life. The food, room, activities (horseback riding, bellyfit, etc.) and everything is far better than anywhere else I have ever been.

Yun Zhu, China, Class of 2013

Attending SMS not only improved my English as a second language but gave me the tools to overcome whatever obstacle came my way during my college years. I became a much more independent person, being able to complete every task with determination and satisfaction. That is what I learned by being a boarding student at SMS.

Andrea Calderon, Mexico, Student from 2002-2003

The time I spent with friends and House Moms is certainly a precious asset. Residential life at SMS provided a warm and intimate setting for me to learn self–discipline and time management skills. For example, prep time established a consistent daily study routine, which remained even four years after I moved out from the residence. I think it helped me to become more independent learner.

Chihiro Kajima, Japan, Class of 2012