Beyond Boarding Blog

Written by Annie Maki, Residence House Parent & Communications Assistant Anyone familiar with boarding school life will venture that many of the memories shared by our grads involve food…hot pot in the common room kitchen with friends, residence international dinners, butter chicken days in... Read More
Choosing to attend a boarding school is a big decision - but one we feel you won't regret. Boarding is filled with opportunities that make living in residence so much more than a bed to sleep in. In May 2015, CAIS Boarding Schools travelled across Canada to ask students what they wish they had... Read More

Come together

One School, One Language SMS is a global community with students joining us from around the world. We consider this rich fabric of different cultures one of our school's many strengths, benefiting both our day students and our boarders alike. One thing we share in common, though, is our language... Read More
Family-style boarding provides a home away from home Imagine this scene. Matching maroon sofas gather you up and hug you when you sit down. You find your older sister there too, nestled in and reading a book. You look up at the shelf on the wall and choose a romance because it’s the end of the... Read More
St. Margaret's School (SMS) is a premier independent school, and is the only international girls' school in Western Canada. Established in 1908, we're proud of our long history preparing girls to set their own course and shape their own dreams. SMS is recognized as a world centre for girls learning... Read More