Board of Governors FAQs

Can I attend Board meetings?

Current members of the St. Margaret's School Society may attend regular board meetings. Confidential financial, personal or legal matters are addressed in an In Camera (closed) portion of the meeting.

When are regular Board meetings held?

Board meetings are usually held the first Tuesday of each month. No Board meetings are scheduled in July and August, though the Board may opt to meet. Special meetings may be called to deal with any urgent or immediate issues that may arise.

How many Board members are there?

The Board may have a minimum of 7 and a maximum of 13 members. The Head of School and invited members of the School's administration also attend Board meetings but do not have voting power.

How long do Board members serve?

Terms of office are no less than three full school years following election, usually this is a 44-month term. Governors are eligible for re-election at the AGM prior to the end of their term.

When are Board members elected to the Board?

Governors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the St. Margaret's School Society. A call for nominations is issued at least 60 days before a Board of Governors election. A candidate's nomination form, resume, and consent must be submitted to the Board’s Governance and Communications Committee at least 30 days before the election date.

How do I become a Board member?

Anyone interested in joining the Board of Governors, should contact a member of the  Board’s Governance and Communications Committee for more information and a formal Nomination Form. A formal notice of recommended nominees is distributed following approval by theBoard’s Governance and Communications Committee. Interested individuals are also encouraged to volunteer on Board committees as this can be a good introduction to Society governance.

How do I contact a Board member?

Questions or requests for information about the Board of Governors should be sent to the Board Chair, through the Main Administration and Senior Building Reception, Please contact us for further information.