Board of Governors

The St. Margaret’s School Board of Governors oversees the operations of St. Margaret's School. The Board approves the strategic direction of the School and the overarching principles and statements of values. The Board also appoints the Head of School, who has responsibility for the day-to-day operation of the School. Specifically, the Board of Governors:

  • Prepares and maintains a clear statement of the School's mission and objectives and is responsible for the School's strategic planning process.
  • Establishes and approves the policies and procedures that guide the Head of School in the daily administration of St. Margaret's School.
  • Sets tuition fees, approves the annual budget for the School’s operating and capital expenses, and has complete and final authority for all St. Margaret's School finances.
  • Oversees the management of school assets including buildings, equipment, and grounds.

The Board governs according to the Society Act (B.C.), the Bylaws of the St. Margaret's School Society, and St. Margaret’s School’s Policies and Procedures.

The Board is elected by members of the St. Margaret's School Society, which includes all parents or guardians of current students; Alumnae/Old Girls over the age of 18, and their parents or guardians; employees; and any other person whom the Board may accept. Governors are elected at the Annual General Meeting of the St. Margaret's School Society, usually held in the fall. A call for nominations is issued at least 60 days before the Annual General Meeting. The Board selects a Chair, Vice-Chair, Treasurer and Secretary annually from amongst the Governors.