Visual Arts

Foundation Years Arts

The Foundation Years art program exposes elementary level students to as many different processes as possible through activities that encourage exploration, creativity and self-expression. Projects are often an extension of the curriculum, providing opportunities to explore aspects of topics being studied in other subjects in a fun and creative way.

The program emphasizes a skills-based approach; students are introduced to colour theory, design elements and principles of art, and become comfortable with a wide variety of media. They learn to observe and reflect and gain confidence in their ability to express themselves artistically. Students gradually develop awareness of the discipline and order of art and become increasingly independent as they prepare to enter the visual arts program at a more senior level.

Studio Art in the Middle & Senior Years

The visual arts program for Middle and Senior Years students is primarily a studio experience. All students in grades 7 and 8 take dedicated visual arts courses with specialist instruction. They explore a variety of media and develop skills in drawing, painting and three-dimensional art.

More advanced courses offer opportunities for students to further develop their visual awareness in drawing and painting, photography, graphics, textiles, ceramics, sculpture, and three-dimensional design. These courses also include art history research, and art appreciation and criticism techniques. The emphasis at this level is on students becoming more artistically independent, focusing on the development of personal expression and style, and developing a composition. Students planning further studies in art or design (including applied arts such as structural engineering, architecture, or industrial design) will prepare a portfolio.

Our school offers Advanced Placement (AP) Studio Art for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. Projects in this course are customized to help students meet specific portfolio requirements for various arts schools after graduation. The program demands significant commitment and the ability to work independently.