At SMS, we are fortunate to deliver a quality education while enjoying a beautiful campus, superior facilities, and specialty teachers who know how girls learn best.

Highlights of what’s included in your tuition:

  • Outweek – a week-long outdoor adventure offered each autumn –with challenging and rewarding opportunities for the whole school;
  • 50 internally-staffed extracurricular clubs and athletic activities;
  • School supplies for the Foundation and Middle Years
  • 45 minutes of before- and after-school supervision for the Foundation and Middle Years;
  • Specialist teachers, expert guest speakers, and individualized programs at all levels;
  • An internationally-recognized residence program that enriches our school culture by attracting students from all over the world;
  • Mentored student leadership opportunities including councils and committees that elevate girls’ voices and build confidence;
  • Exemplary curriculum-based JK3/JK4 programs, including outdoor while learning (OWL), cooking and arts;
  • Experiential programs including community service and self-directed learning tailored to student interests;
  • The SMS Passport to Lifelong Learning, awarded to qualifying students upon graduation in Grade 12.

Our fee schedules are listed below:
Day Students – Fee Schedule 2018/2019
Boarding Students – Fee Schedule 2018/2019