Awards and scholarships to honour achievement by our current students

While excellence in academics is certainly recognized, these awards also celebrate other highly prized attributes in alignment with our school values: leadership, community involvement, and service.

There are a number of types of awards, scholarships and bursaries offered to our students: internal scholarships for which students must apply; recognition awards based on merit or marks (no application), the passport to lifelong learning which is a graduation award that all BC day students qualify to receive automatically; and financial aid (including our multi-sibling bursary).

SMS is deeply grateful to our donors who make our awards possible through their generous support. In fostering a culture of excellence at our school it is important to be able to recognize girls for their tireless pursuit of both personal improvement and enhancing the community around them. Contact us if you would like to make a tax-deductible donation in support of SMS awards.

Students are invited to apply for as many awards as they like if they meet the criteria. Read the fact sheet linked to each award for full details, criteria and any additional documentation required. All applications and supporting materials are to be submitted to the Main Office Receptionist by 4:00pm on March 14, 2019. Each award requires a separate application.

An application is required for the following Internal Scholarships and Awards

Application Deadline: March 14, 2019 at 4:00 pm

Students are invited to apply for as many awards as they like if they meet the criteria. Read the fact sheet linked to each award for full details, criteria and any additional documentation required. Each award requires a separate application.

MY Continuing Scholarship

Amount awarded: $5,000 (x3)
Who can apply: Returning students in Grades 5, 6, 7 and 8

The MY Continuing awards are offered, through the generosity of an anonymous donor, to students who demonstrate a love and a passion for the unique education offered at St. Margaret’s School. Although academics are included in the criteria for these awards, the applicant must demonstrate a desire and commitment to pursue their schooling through to graduation at SMS. Weighted in the decision are also number of years in continuous attendance, demonstrated leadership, extracurricular involvement and community service in keeping with our school’s motto – Servite in Caritate. Each scholarship is valued at $5,000 toward tuition.

More information
MY Continuing Scholarship Application Cover Page
MY Chart of Activities and Achievements

Alumnae/Old Girls Scholarship

Amount awarded: $5,000 towards tuition fees
Who can apply: Returning students entering Grades 6-10 or the Transition Program

The St. Margaret’s School Alumnae Committee is pleased to offer a scholarship of $5,000 for one returning student. This scholarship fund was established by the Alumnae Association in 2005 through donations. The fund will continue to grow through continued donations from SMS alumnae and 100% of the one-time “lifetime membership fee” paid by students, our future alumnae.

The scholarship is valued at $5,000 toward tuition.

Alumnae/Old Girls Scholarship Application Cover
Alumnae/Old Girls Scholarship Factsheet
SY Chart of Activities and Achievements
MY Chart of Activites and Achievement

SMS Internal Scholarships Grades 8–11

Amount awarded: $3,000 towards tuition fees (x6), Margaret Barton Award: $5,000 (x1) for Grade 11 student
Who can apply: Returning students currently in Grades 8-11 or the Transition Program

SY Internal Scholarship Application Cover Page

SY Chart of Achievements

Staff Sponsored Scholarships

Amount awarded: $500 towards tuition (x3)
Who can apply: Returning students in Kindergarten to Grade 12

More information
Staff Sponsored Application Cover
SY Chart of Achievements
MY Chart of Achievement

The Question:


As a St. Margaret’s girl… I am open, honest, and accountable, treating all people with dignity and respect. I am encouraged to relentlessly pursue my goals and actively participate to achieve great results. I am genuine, generous, and caring in my relationships and service to others. I lead through my words, my actions, my thoughts, and the support of leaders around me. I am understood and have the freedom to be creative and discover my strengths and abilities. I am eager to take on challenges, learn from my mistakes, and do what’s right in the face of adversity. I see the interconnectedness of the world and understand that my actions have an impact on my environment and my community. For over a century, the school motto “Servite in Caritate” – Service with Love – has been central to an SMS education, teaching our students to express heartfelt gratitude by giving back to the community and serving others throughout their lives.

In addition to submitting the application and chart of activities and achievement, you must submit a video (maximum length, 5 minutes) in response to the following question:

“How are you a St. Margaret’s girl?”

Keep in mind that your video should highlight at least three of the following:

Integrity | Excellence | Service | Leadership | Perseverance | Courage | Global-Minded

To submit and upload your video, please visit the SMS Student Centre. 

An application is not required for the following Internal Scholarships and Awards

Several awards are given to recognize the accomplishments and contributions of students in the areas of Academics, Service, Athletics and Fine Arts, such as:

  • Honour Roll (Grades 9 – 12): is awarded to students who have attained an overall final average of 80% or more in their subjects.
  • Head’s List (Grades 10 – 12): is awarded to students who have attained a cumulative standing of 90% or higher.
  • Achievement Pins (Grades 9 – 12): were donated by the Vancouver Old Girls’ Association to recognize students who have achieved and/or maintained a measured improvement over the previous year’s standing.
  • Athletics Awards: In addition to the Meilicke-Moore Bursaries and the Sportsmanship Award, recognition are given to all students for their participation and achievements in the field of athletics. Trophies are presented to the top athletes in all sports offered at SMS.
  • Anthea Waterfield Foundation/Middle Years Citizenship Award: presented in 1996 by the Parents’ Auxiliary on the occasion of the retirement of Mrs. Anthea Waterfield, Junior School Coordinator. It is given to a returning Foundation/Middle Years student, who quietly gives of herself willingly and whose behaviour reflects the school’s qualities and ideals that Mrs. Waterfield promoted and supported for 27 years. The award represents $500 towards tuition.
  • Robertson Salver Award (Grade 12): is given to the student who, by giving of herself to the school community in her graduating year, most fully represents the school motto Servite In Caritate, Service with Love.
  • Daorung Vijitchuen International Citizenship Award (Grades 10 – 12): first presented in 1993 in recognition of Daorung Vijitchuen, Head Girl, Class of 1993, for her contribution in promoting international citizenship. It is awarded to a student who fosters, both in attitude and action, the spirit of internationalism and the ideals of citizenship that we promote and value at St. Margaret’s School.
  • Fiona Grant Award: given to students who have achieved recognition at the national or international level in their area of passion through SMS.
  • Valedictorian Award (Grade 12): is awarded to the graduating Grade 12 student who has been chosen by her peers to be their Valedictorian and best represents the spirit of the graduating class.
  • Head Girl Award: given to the Head Girl by the SMS Staff in recognition of her leadership efforts and level of commitment to the whole school.
  • Deputy Head Girl Award: given to the Deputy Head Girl by the SMS Staff in recognition of her leadership efforts and level of commitment to the whole school.
  • Rocky Award (Grades 9 – 12): first presented by the graduating class of 1977 for school spirit. It is awarded to a student who has displayed energy, enthusiasm, and leadership during the school year. Bette Marshall Trophy (Grade 12): given to a graduating student in recognition of her sportsmanship and contribution in Athletics. Kathleen Kirkpatrick “Courage to Persevere” Award (Kindergarten – Grade 4): is a book award presented to a student who has embraced challenge and demonstrated courage and perseverance.
  • Creative Writing Cup (Grades 4 – 8): recognizes interest and achievement in creative writing.
  • Ferris Junior Stage Trophy (Grades 4 – 8): is presented to a student who has displayed promising talent and enthusiasm in Stagecraft or Acting. It is awarded only in years in which we produce a school play. IEL Trophy: presented to a student in the IEL Program who has demonstrated the most improvement in her English ability through noticeable and sustained effort.
  • Intermediate Mathematics Award (Grades 7-8): is given to a student who has demonstrated both proficiency and aptitude in Mathematics. Rosalie Frampton Junior Choir Trophy (Kindergarten – Grade 8): presented to a committed member of the Junior Choir.
  • Vic Clayton Trophies (Grade 5, Grade 8, Grade 11): awarded to a returning student in Grade 5 – Grade 8 and a returning student in Grade 11, who have both demonstrated a keen interest in Social Studies.

SMS Passport to Lifelong Learning

Amount awarded: $1,000 yr. to a maximum of $4,000
Who can apply: Exclusively for British Columbia day students

SMS takes pride in our graduates, and we recognize that families have invested significantly in the educational journey of their daughter(s), demonstrating a commitment to the values and goals of our all-girl learning environment. The School’s vision, “Confident girls. Inspiring women,” derives from the belief that our girls have the capacity to pursue their goals and dreams with confidence, passion and purpose and as such deserve acknowledgment for their time in the Senior Years. In recognition of those girls who enter our Senior Years (Grade 9 – 12), every BC day student will automatically accrue $1,000 each year to a maximum of $4,000 – made available to them in their Grade 12 year. For example, a day student that enters SMS in Grade 9 and remains here until Grade 12 would be eligible for $4,00; a student who enters Grade 10, would be eligible for $3,000, and so on.

SMS is pleased to offer each BC day school graduate with these funds so that they may engage in a unique opportunity in Grade 12. Students can access their passport in one of two ways: to fund an expedition during their Grade 12 year to explore new cultures during Spring Break; participate in a service trip; or participate in one of our Exchange programs to Chile or Japan. Alternatively, students may choose to use this fund to support the next phase of the learning journey following graduation – tuition at a post-secondary institution or a job training program; a Gap Year; or the pursuit of studies, interests, and passions locally or abroad. This award is available to each of our BC graduates as she sets her own course and shapes her own dreams.

* Graduates will be issued the appropriate tax slip upon receipt of funds

“I am appreciating more and more the opportunities that I had at SMS and how they have influenced who I am today. I am thankful to the donor who made a scholarship available to me.”

SMS Alumna '09