Important – Please remember to include the student name(s) and student ID number(s) as a reference on all payment types.

1. Online Bank Payment

Add St. Margaret’s School as a “payee” in bill payments on your Canadian bank website and use your student ID number as the “account number”.

2. Cheque or Bank Draft

Pay by bank draft or cheque, providing the issuing bank is associated with a Canadian Bank.  Use micro-encoded cheque or bank draft, payable to:

St. Margaret’s School
1080 Lucas Ave.
Victoria, BC  V8X 3P7

Please note that a $25.00 service fee will be applied if the cheque is returned NSF.  St. Margaret’s School is not responsible for mail service.

3. Credit Card

We accept domestic and international Visa, Mastercard, Discover (new in January 2019) and China Union Pay (new in January 2019) credit cards.

Provide account number, card expiry date and written authorization to charge fees.  A service fee of 1.75% will be added to the total for all credit card payments.

Complete and return a Credit Card Authorization Form  to

4. Wire Transfer

Ensure the student’s full legal name is indicated on wire transfer payments. Payments made payable to:  St. Margaret’s School, 1080 Lucas Ave., Victoria, BC  V8X 3P7.

Contact for bank information and SWIFT code.
Please note that exchange rates can vary and transaction charges from your bank may apply.

5. PaytoStudy

Pay by credit card, wire, or bank transfer.  International payments are made fast, simple and cost effective.  Payments processed within 48 hours.  Pay fees in your local currency at competitive exchange rates, lower cost than most banks.  Track your payment.  24/7 customer service via Skype, live chat, phone or email.

Pay Now

Pay to Study Payment Instructions

6. Western Union GlobalPay for Students

Pay by wire or bank transfer. Payments processed in 5 to 10 business days.  Pay fees in local currency at competitive exchange rates, lower cost than most banks.  Track your payment.  Easy to use on smartphones and other mobile devices.  Use a price comparison tool and price quotes.

Pay Now

Step-by-step instructions:


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Student Support information for the website:

7. Pre-Authorized Debit (PAD)

Payments can be automatically debited from your Canadian bank account.  This method is mandatory for payment plans, unless recurring payments have been authorized by credit card (refer to payment type 3).

Complete and return the PAD Form to