When are applications accepted?

Applications are accepted year-round. The ideal time to apply is November to February. We encourage students to apply as early as possible as space in each grade and our boarding facilities is limited.

What kind of student is St. Margaret’s School looking for?

Admission to SMS is not based only on a student’s academic performance. We value students who display exceptional academic effort, a passion for learning, and a desire to become involved in our school community and take advantage of everything we have to offer.

How can I pay my application fee or school fees?

St. Margaret’s School offers several methods of payment. Learn more…

What are St. Margaret’s School’s school fees?

School fees vary depending on a student’s grade level and the citizenship and residency status of her parent/legal guardian. Learn more…

Does St. Margaret’s School offer Financial Assistance?

St. Margaret’s School offers need-based financial assistance for up to 50% of tuition fees. Learn more…

Does St. Margaret's School offer Scholarships?

St. Margaret’s School offers a number of different scholarships to both new and returning students. Learn more…

Does St. Margaret’s School offer sibling discounts?

A younger daughter of the same family, registered in the same year will receive 20% off her tuition fees. A third and/or fourth daughter from the same family, registered in the same year will receive 40% off her tuition fees.

What percentage of SMS students attend post-secondary education?

95% of our students attend post-secondary education immediately following graduation.

At what age can students begin boarding?

Students can begin boarding in Grade 7.

Do St. Margaret’s School admissions staff visit my city/country?

Our admissions staff visit a number of destinations throughout the year to meet with families interested in learning about our school. See the admissions calendar…

Can you recommend any boys’ schools?

St. George's School is located at 4175 West 29th Avenue, Vancouver, 604-224-1304, or visit www.stgeorges.bc.ca

Do you have a referral program for staff, parents or alumnae?

Yes. The Our Girls Referral Program is our way of acknowledging and thanking you for the role you play as an ambassador of our school.

Here is how the Referral Program works:

  • Each time you refer a potential student to the School, they may include your name in the application form where it asks, “How did you hear about St. Margaret’s School?”
  • Through the Our Girls Referral Program, you will receive $1,000 for each successful referral.